Are we set to see Crypto reach new heights with a Bitcoin city?

Bitcoin (BTC) City El Salvador

Bitcoin City El Salvador

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Yes, you heard that correctly and a bitcoin city now appears to be coming in the near future in El Salvador. This is despite the continued high levels of volatility in Bitcoin and crypto in general. But the future still appears very bright, and we could see it completely transform currency and investments in the future, which is being backed by the president of El Salvador, who has continued to invest in Bitcoin. The bitcoin city could now be coming very soon and the people at Cloudbet have produced an infographic covering just what it could look like.

Bitcoin (BTC) city El Salvador Infographics

What would Bitcoin city El Salvador look like in the next few years?

El Salvador Pub/Clubs

In clubs and pubs, scanning QR codes for entry and paying for food and drink with BTC will be the norm.

Bitcoin Payment Restaurant

BTC payments will be used by all restaurants in El Salvador; a well-known chain in the city, such as McDonald’s, has already incorporated BTC into their business model.

Office Bitcoin payments

All employees will be paid in BTC rather than traditional bank transfers. BTC is the new way for many city businesses to pay for goods and services.


You may be familiar with bitcoin casinos, where you can wager your bitcoin on a variety of casino games. There are also numerous online bitcoin casinos, so this will be easily adaptable.

Schools in Bitcoin City

Salvador’s schools and colleges will learn about Bitcoin and the various types of BTC that are available.

El Salvador Football Stadium

El Salvador’s football clubs will accept Bitcoin payments for matchd ay tickets, events, foods, drinks, and merchandise in the club gift shop. Even sports betting will be done in Bitcoin, and winnings will be paid out in Bitcoin.


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