Epic Games Announces First NFT Game

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Epic Games, the developer and publisher of Fortnite, has officially announced Grit, an NFT game developed by Web3 gaming company Gala Games.

Grit was officially listed on the Epic Games Store on Monday, according to Gala Games. Grit is the first blockchain-enabled game to launch on the Epic Games Store, which is not only a bing thing for the developer but also a milestone for Epic Games.

Windows PC players are welcome to join the game. Despite its early release, Grit is set to launch later this year on Unreal Engine. The game also pre-configures NFT assets so that players can freely buy and sell in the game.

There are numerous NFT games available

Gala Games announced its partnership with Epic on June 6, which is one of the first steps toward the game’s listing on Epic Store.

The game was previously developed by team Grit, which explains why it is also available on Steam. However, Steam does not consider Grit to be a reference to Web3, cryptocurrency, or the blockchain. The official launch of GRIT was marked by Epic’s collaboration with Gala Games.

Despite the fact that all of the Gala products currently available on the company’s website are in beta, development, or testing, Gala CEO Gala stated during her presentation that the platform will eventually host other blockchain games.

According to the original simulation, GRIT is a game in which players can shoot and ride NFTs in the wild west.

Gala Games recently invested $5 billion in expanding its NFT ecosystem, which includes games, music, movies, and the GALA NFT amusement park.

The Gala Music platform and the release of the NFT Spider Tanks game are the team’s most recent developments prior to Grit.

The guys from Epic Games are pioneers and visionaries in the gaming world. The arrival of titles like this on the Store gives them credibility. Easy access to Web3 titles represents a game changer for all users who have not yet seen how digital ownership can enrich the gaming experience.

John Osvald, President of Games, commented on the partnership with Epic Games

The Metaverse has arrived

The concept of NFT is causing numerous contradictions in the gaming world. The NFT titles were once thought to be something remote, not big enough to create a trend that everyone would notice.

However, as a result of the pandemic’s effects as well as the NFT boom, NFT games became more explosive than ever, particularly in terms of quantity. This piqued the interest of major industry players such as Ubisoft, Epic Games, and Tencent.

However, the launch of Grit did not live up to the gaming community’s expectations.

The game was quickly compared to other popular game titles and received negative feedback.

According to one Twitter user, there isn’t much that distinguishes GRIT from a survival game with no NFT element. According to this account, Grit is a worse version of Red Dead Redemption, another popular game title developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games.

Another major complaint is the lack of quality, which makes it far from a Web3 landmark.

The debate, in fact, represents the two main streams of gamers’ opinions on the NFT games.

While traditional gamers believe that NFTs are primarily a form of investment and have lost the traditional values inherent in the game industry, the opposing party believes that NFTs are here to stay and will shape the gaming future.

It also represents Epic Games’ and Steam’s opposing reactions to the NFT trend. If Valve (Steam’s owner) decides to prohibit all games with blockchain elements from being sold on its store, Epic is ready to accept them all.

Essentially, the game’s mission is to entertain rather than make money, as many NFT titles do to attract players. Current NFT games are still in various stages of development in order to fulfill that mission.

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