Shaktiio, Groundbreaking Initial Coin Offering (ICO) launch on March 1st

about shaktiio ICO launch SKTO token

about shaktiio ICO launch SKTO token

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Shaktiio ICOSKTO token is expected to launch on March 1st 2022. Shaktiio is a new groundbreaking project that aims to create an anti-liquidation protocol.

About Shaktiio – ICO launch

Shaktiio is a ground-breaking project that aims to create an anti-liquidation protocol that ensures that cryptocurrencies held as collateral are not sold and forcedly liquidated if their value falls below specific thresholds or the amount owing. The initial Shaktiio ICO launch (initial coin offering) is expected to take place on March 1st, 2022.

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Shaktiio Official Youtube channel

The Shaktiio token – SKTO token

The SKTO token will have a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with an initial supply of 560 million tokens available during the token sale if the minimum goal of $100 million is met. In the beginning, 1 ETH will be worth 22,222 SKTO. If all goes according to plan, ICO investors will get a 1 million token distribution following the event. A total of 340 million tokens will be frozen for three years and will be eligible for any future burns. Finally, the remaining $100 million will go for promotions and the claims reserve.

Above all, an ETH reserve will be established to protect the security of all tokens sold during the ICO. The safety of ICO investors comes first, since any investment is backed by a 100 percent repurchase guarantee, ensuring that any investment is returned in the same amount of ETH as it was made. They seek to use the ETH fund as a guarantee to their clients’ lending platforms, with the interest portion of the money being used to assist the project’s development. Despite the fact that they claim ETH is not instantly available, they are ready to gather votes for the next step. Investors are also eligible for an ETH claim after three years. If their token does not appreciate proportionately above ETH in three years, they will have the option of refunding their ICO investors in ETH, as well as the acquitted lower transaction fees that they have already paid.

Shaktiio’s team has extensive experience in the financial industry and is well-versed in the breadth and severity of the problem. This team will do everything possible to implement the Anti-liquidation Protocol since they are certain that the financial market need it.

Because Shaktiio places a premium on security, the system will collect clients’ unique identifying data in order to avoid false claims. Furthermore, the system will only accept BTC, ETH, XRP, and NEXO tokens as collateral. The LTV quantum will be less than 50% at the time of enrolment, and there will be a one-time 30-day premium on collection. Aside from that, after in-force protection, there will be 5 days of free coverage.

Visit Shaktiio’s website to remain up to date on the newest developments and to join in on the adventure of this one-of-a-kind initiative.

  • ✓ Project Website:
  • ✓ Token Name: Shaktiio
  • ✓ Token Symbol / Ticker: SKTO
  • ✓ Token Network / Platform: Ethereum/ ERC20
  • ✓ White-paper:
  • ✓ Public ICO Start Date: 1-March-2022
  • ✓ Public ICO End Date: 30-April-2022
  • ✓ Public ICO Softcap: 460000000 SKTO
  • ✓ Public ICO Hardcap: 560000000 SKTO
  • ✓ Price Per token: ~ $0.145 USD
  • ✓ ICO Goal | Fund Raising Goad: 25200 ETH
  • ✓ Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH


  • ✓ Q1-2022 / 1 March 2022 – Publish White-paper | ICO Launching
  • ✓ Q2-2022 / 1 May 2022 – Post ICO Celebration | Team Building Expansion | Legal Licensing
  • ✓ Q3-2022 / 1 July 2022 – Website API | On-boarding Campaign | Business Go Live
  • ✓ Q4-2022 – 1 Oct 2022 – Additional Exchange Listing | Business Expansion | Design DEFI

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