Shaktiio – world’s first anti-liquidation protocol for crypto-backed loans

shaktiio ICO world first anti-liquidation protocol SKTO token

shaktiio ICO world first anti-liquidation protocol SKTO token

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Shaktiio, world first anti-liquidation protocol creates a protection tool for CeFi lending platforms based on Anti-liquidation protocol.. By preventing the bitcoin market from becoming overextended, the anti-liquidation protocol contributes to its stability. The growth of the loan market, as well as the widespread use of trading instruments, including leverage, has resulted in vast amounts of collateral being imposed on banks and other financial institutions.

Unless a technique is established and implemented to avoid mass liquidations in the event of speculative activity, mass sales, and market frenzy in the event of a major market collapse, mass liquidations will rise and harm the market.

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In the cryptocurrency market, anti-liquidation is a must

Cutting-edge technology meets cutting-edge innovation in the cryptocurrency industry. This is where the most recent technological advancements and innovations may be found. Despite this, there is a substantial degree of fraud and manipulation on the market due to the exponential expansion and novelty of technology. Massive sums of assets have been frozen as a result of the widespread use of leverage for speculation, and are now being used as collateral for loan platforms. When the market falls significantly, there are big liquidations of blocked assets and, as a result, mass sales, causing prices to fall even further. To meet their financial commitments, many are turning to cryptocurrency. Borrowers who take out personal loans secured by cryptocurrencies to meet their financial responsibilities face enormous liquidations, just like speculators who employ leverage.

Due to a big sell-off, forced liquidation accelerates the market’s collapse and decreases the value of cryptocurrencies. However, because to the Anti-liquidation protocol Shaktiio, forced liquidation will not occur. This indicates that the market will remain stable and that no sales will occur. In the case of a cryptocurrency market collapse, Shaktiio offers an Anti-liquidation mechanism that assures that cryptocurrencies used as collateral for loans are neither sold or forcedly liquidated if their value falls below certain thresholds or their debt is not paid. As a result, whales that employ the CeFi platform’s liquidation processes will have a harder time manipulating the market. Supply and demand will be left to decide the market’s faith and pricing, rather than whale speculation and manipulation.

In addition, the Shaktiio ecosystem offers incentive strategies to attract new users. Holders of SKTO will be rewarded for their involvement in the network and ownership of SKTO through a special incentive program designed specifically for them. Reward systems are a way for ecosystem participants to earn extra money while also promoting Shaktiio services around the world. The Shaktiio environment will grow much faster if a reward mechanism is added.

Shaktiio ICO

Shaktiio follows the 100 percent refund policy set forth by the ICO participants. Investors will be able to claim their ETH back after three years, when the Shaktiio ecosystem has reached the required level of growth and development. In addition, the return includes a transaction fee in the amount of USD.

You may feel assured that Shaktiio’s anti-liquidation technology will protect your cryptocurrencies if the value of your collateral falls below defined limits or your debts are not paid. The ICO is expected to begin on March 1, 2022, so stay up to current with Shaktiio’s latest news:

  • ✓ Project Website:
  • ✓ Token Name: Shaktiio
  • ✓ Token Symbol / Ticker: SKTO
  • ✓ Token Network / Platform: Ethereum/ ERC20
  • ✓ White-paper:
  • ✓ Public ICO Start Date: 1-March-2022
  • ✓ Public ICO End Date: 30-April-2022
  • ✓ Public ICO Softcap: 460000000 SKTO
  • ✓ Public ICO Hardcap: 560000000 SKTO
  • ✓ Price Per token: ~ $0.145 USD
  • ✓ ICO Goal | Fund Raising Goad: 25200 ETH
  • ✓ Payment Accepted: BTC, ETH


  • ✓ Q1-2022 / 1 March 2022 – Publish White-paper | ICO Launching
  • ✓ Q2-2022 / 1 May 2022 – Post ICO Celebration | Team Building Expansion | Legal Licensing
  • ✓ Q3-2022 / 1 July 2022 – Website API | On-boarding Campaign | Business Go Live
  • ✓ Q4-2022 – 1 Oct 2022 – Additional Exchange Listing | Business Expansion | Design DEFI

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