Uldor – P2E MMORPG – Guardian NFTs Mint is Open

Uldor - P2E MMORPG - Guardians and Furies NFT
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Many fantastic games are being developed using blockchain and NFTs. Uldor is one such project, working on an MMORPG in UE5 with NFT characters and game items, as well as a fixed supply token.

Uldor is currently working on their game and is selling Guardians as part of their genesis package. Guardians are one of the game’s playable characters. Although the full game will be free to play, Uldor founder Graslo says that the genesis sale NFTs will have special utility.

“Guardians are a hero-class character who will have access to exclusive content.” Guardians will attract special bosses from all over the world. Similarly, in faction combat, special NPC bosses will appear to fight hero-class characters. This will encourage free-to-play players to team up with hero-class characters in order to experience this unique content and gain access to rare loot. Hero-class characters can also be staked to allow players to rent this utility, with the NFT owner receiving a portion of their token rewards.”

Uldor NFTs – Guardians and Furies sneak peak

Minters of the Uldor Guardians who still have their NFT will be able to mint the Furies, the other hero-class character, for free. They will be able to mint a Resource Plot for free if they have both a Guardian and a Furie. A resource plot is a plot of land where in-game resources spawn. Resources are a common theme in MMORPGs, and players use them to craft items with professions and contribute to faction defenses.

“Resources are an important utility in Uldor,” Graslo (Founder and CEO) said of the Resource Plots. Players require resources in order to advance in their professions, craft items, and aid their faction in faction battles. We believe that distributing resources through player-owned Resource Plot NFTs is a fair way to decentralize and truly make the economy player-driven.”

Uldor – Resource plot

Decentralization is a recurring theme in Uldor. The majority of Uldor’s RUNI tokens will be distributed through play-to-earn rather than a token sale.

“Uldor will be a Play and Earn game, which means we want to appeal to mainstream gamers with its rich lore, exciting gameplay, and decentralized economy.” P2E, on the other hand, appeals to us as a fair distribution mechanism for a new token. We can incentivize gameplay and onboard new players by allowing players to earn tokens for participating in the game.”

Because an MMORPG is a large project, Uldor is being developed in phases with deliverables to allow the developers to receive important feedback and testing on the game’s components while also providing the community with a great game mode to play while development is ongoing. The Arena Mode, for example, is the first phase in the Unreal Engine. Players will be able to engage in PvP battles ranging from 1 vs 1 to 5 vs 5.

The faction combat system, which introduces the persistent world, will be the next mode to be released. Large-scale PvP battles will be fought over territory by players.

Uldor – Factions

Finally, an open world MMORPG with cities, questing, and professions will be released.

Uldor has launched its NFT collection which can be found and minted at the following addresses:

Minting URL: https://uldor.com/mint/

OpenSea URL: https://opensea.io/collection/uldorguardians

LooksRare URL: https://looksrare.org/collections/0x9a3611Cc9654B8eFcF458Ac6d79889aa0A30ca57

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWdk5WZr8iZnS0usGwDbqPg

Medium: https://medium.com/@uldor

Whitepaper: https://uldor.com/UldorWhitepaper.pdf

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